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We align products teams around a shared vision

With our facilitated workshops and individualized coaching, we help you capture knowledge, shape plans, and activate people around what matters most to your business and customers

Here's How We Help You


Drive a clear and understandable strategy centring on customer needs that gives you and your team an edge on your competition.


Rally your teams around a common goal and empower them with the knowledge and context they need to solve problems.


Introduce repeatable innovation processes that put your customer at the centre and keep your teams pulling in the same direction.

Our Approach

We begin by mapping out the big picture — the business at the macro level and draw lines to the work that needs to be done. With facilitated workshops and individualized coaching, we provide the necessary guidance teams require to build meaningful products. We go beyond surface level understanding — we dig for the why and help create a shared understanding that you can share with the entire organization.



We use workshops and interviews to dive into the knowledge and potential that already exists in your organization about customer needs and the product.



We help shape the knowledge into actionable plans through meaningful roadmaps and tools that align what has to happen with why it should happen.



We help create clarity around roles and responsibilities around the actionable plans so individuals and teams can work cohesively towards a common goal.


We are a different kind of strategy company We work with companies that do things differently

We love socially conscious organizations that are using technology to improve lives for their customers, their employees, and their communities.

Our Core Principles

  1. Always be transparent in our process and ideas
  2. Clearly raise and communicate assumptions
  3. Challenge convention to find opportunities
  4. Do better, because we know we can

"Purple Sector's approach to mapping out our ideas gave us a way to have meaningful conversations about how we can make improvements and plan for the future."

— Pj Lowe & Dan Silivestru, Chocolate Soup

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